Internship proposal for Master students at École des Mines de Saint-Étienne

Mobility and ethics: participative car regulation mechanism in towns
Flavien Balbo, Connected Intelligence
Mahdi Zargayouna, Grettia
Sonia Adele, Grettia
Saint-Étienne, France
Connected Intelligence, MINES Saint-Étienne,
Grettia , IFSTTAR
Internship grant (about 550 €)
Fields of activity:
Artificial intelligence, Transport, Ethics, Multi-Agent Simulation
Master in computer Science with good theoretical and practical knowledge of Multi-Agent systems and Artificial Intelligence.

A complex system is defined as a system which state results from the interaction between its components. Transportation traffic is a perfect example of a complex system where the traffic state depends of the behavior of the drivers. As with other emerging technologies, advanced transportation systems bring new ethical and policy challenges. It is in this context of Ethics and transportation systems that this internship is positioned.

The first objective in this work is to explore how ethics, among other criteria (transportation costs, travel times, comfort, etc.) may influence driver behaviors. The second objective is to propose social incentive mechanisms to improve the global behavior of the traffic system. The simulated system is a city center with congestion pricing for vehicles to limit pollution. Ethics as a set of valuesill be used to influence the willingness of the drivers to participate in the decrease of the pollution even if their personal objectives are not satisfied.

The candidate will have to:

  1. Develop a testbed based on a multiagent traffic simulator and pollution indicators.
  2. Propose a collective incentive mechanism and to implement it in the testbed. The proposal is going to be compared to normative solutions.

To apply, send a CV, a motivation letter, grade transcripts, links to public professional profile, references, etc. to: F. Balbo,, M. Zargayouna and S. Adele