Internship proposal École des mines de Saint-Étienne

Subject :
Tooling the development of modular and versioned ontologies
Location :
MINES Saint-Étienne, or EDF R&D Plateau de Saclay
About 550 € per month if in Saint-Etienne, about 850 € if at EDF R&D Plateau de Saclay
Field of activity:
Internet of Things, Territorial management, European standardisation, Knowledge engineering

MINES SEAS ontologies, or also ETSI SAREF Standard, consist of networks of versioned ontologies. Any update to one of these ontologies may have an impact on the other ontologies, and may require an update. The development of these ontologies should leverage the capabilities offered by version control softwares such as git and platforms such as gitlab. Tools should be developed to help the ontology engineers. The goal of this internship is to categorise the kind of development workflow and verifications and automatic updates that could be used or developed to shorten the duration between two releases.

To apply, send a CV, a motivation letter, grade transcripts, links to public professional profile, references, to: Maxime Lefrançois,