Package Description
Configuration classes for SPARQL-Generate.
Classes to create and execute generation plans.
The equivalent package in Jena is org.​apache.​jena.​sparql.​expr
Defines some binding functions for extracting strings from different data formats.
Contains new node classes for expression nodes: nodes that can be used anywhere variables are legal, and that bind a (implicit) variable to a SPARQL expression.
Interfaces and abstract classes for iterator functions, which are similar to binding functions, except they return a list of list of RDF terms or SPARQL variables.
Defines common iterator functions for different data formats.
Contains the Parser classes for SPARQL-Generate queries, that actually extend the SPARQL 1.1 query syntax.
Contains the classes used to to normalize SPARQL-Ext queries, i.e.
Contains the model for SPARQL-Generate and SPARQL-Template queries.
Contains the classes to serialize SPARQL-Generate and SPARQL-Template queries.
Contains classes to retrieve named documents with content negociation.
Contains the models of elements of SPARQL-Generate and SPARQL-Template queries.