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Class Summary
Iterator function iter:call-select takes as input a IRI to a SPARQL-Select document, runs it on the current Dataset, and binds the given variables to the output of the select query, in order.
Iterator function iter:CBOR takes as input a CBOR document, decodes it, and extracts a list of sub-JSON documents according to a JSONPath expression.
Iterator function iter:CSSPath extracts parts of a HTML document, using CSS-Selector-like queries.
Iterator function iter:CSV batch-processes CSV documents, potentially having some custom CSV dialect, and iteratively binds the content of a selection of cells to the list of provided variables.
Iterator function iter:CSVHeaders iterates over the cells in the header row.
Iterator function iter:defaultGraphNamespaces iterates over the prefix declarations of the default graph on which the query is executed.
Iterator function iter:for iterates over numeric values that start at the first argument, increment by the second argument (positive or negatice), and stops whenever it goes beyond the third argument.
Iterator function iter:GeoJSON iterates over the features collection of a GeoJSON document, and outputs (1) the Geometry as a wktLiteral, and (2) the Features as a JSON Literal
Iterator function iter:HTTPGet binds the responses of regular GET operations to a HTTP(s) URL.
Iterator function iter:JSONListKeys iterates over the keys of a JSON object.
Iterator function iter:JSONPath extracts a list of sub-JSON documents of a JSON document, according to a JSONPath expression.
Iterator function iter:JSONSurfer extracts a list of sub-JSON documents of a JSON document, according to a forward-only JSONPath expression.
Iterator function iter:MQTTSubscribe connects to a MQTT server, subscribes to some topics, and issues bindings for the topic (first variable) and the message (second variable) when they are received.
Iterator function iter:regex iterates over the input subsequences captured by the ith groups of every regex matches.
Iterator function iter:Split iterates over the array of strings resulting from spliting the input string around matches of the given regular expression.
Iterator function SQL issues a SQL query to a database.
Iterator function iter:WebSocket connects to a WebSocket server, and iteratively binds the messages that are received.
Iterator function iter:XPath extracts parts of a XML document, using XPath queries.