SPARQL-Generate Standalone Application

A standalone version of the SPARQL-Generate playground can be run as a electron.js application.

Run the packaged distribution

This standalone application uses the SPARQL-Generate executable JAR, which requires Java JRE 1.8 or above.

  1. Download the version that corresponds to the platform you are using,
  2. Unzip the archive,
  3. Run the executable,

Download for Windows Download for Windows (tested, 98 Mo), md5 d0ed504d984eacd1b0b43f6f994e9014, sha1 c20592ecfc2d05f107ac91657479d227c255a559

Download for Linux Download for Linux (tested, 105 Mo), md5 5fc8778032c08b1b942ae308a9c8f362, sha1 2421b7731c7f19ae348046ba21e9368a56346c40

Download for Mac-darwin-or-mas Download for Mac-darwin (not tested, 314 Mo), md5 b5d1db330c9fd2658f948e52926d5a3d, sha1 31e33843e81a27525a0fae565d8dd311205f5667

Download for Mac-darwin-or-mas Download for Mac-mas (not tested, 253 Mo), md5 d66e90af953b40f7184dcdddb658162b, sha1 ba445eabf2af44b0260013d3f82f8857a4afe57a

Run from the sources

The SPARQL-Generate standalone application sources are available on GitHub:

To get and run the SPARQL-Generate standalone application you’ll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer.

We tested with nodejs 8.11.2 and npm 5.6.0, and cannot assure the app will run with another version of nodejs.

From your command line:

git clone
cd sparql-generate-app

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the app
npm start

Note: If you’re using Linux Bash for Windows, see this guide or use node from the command prompt.

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Version: 1.2.3. Last Published: 2018-10-03.