Cyber-Physical and Social Systems: Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (CPS2: AI and IoT) is an international track of the master in Computer Science of University of Lyon, jointly operated by University Jean Monnet of Saint-Étienne and Mines Saint-Étienne - Institut Mines Telecom.

The aim of this program is to provide students with a triple expertise on technologies and methods to design and integrate intelligent cyber-physical systems, interfacing the physical, social and digital dimensions of our environments:

  • Technological, by controlling the design and implementation of information systems and applications that integrate physical (communication, perception, action, etc.) and social (privacy, trust, community, etc.) characteristics.
  • Functional, by understanding the issues and challenges of digital systems to the combination of different dimensions of the new complex environments.
  • Scientific, by the mastery models necessary for the formalization of all interactions between the dimensions of a cyber-physical system.

Topics taught in CPS2 are related to the Internet of Things, Web and mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructures, Digital Twin, Cyber-security. Application domains include Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Intelligent Transport Systems.

The CPS2 program opens opportunities of carreer in the research and development of innovative and technical cyber-physical systems: research and development scientists, managers of IT field, cyber-physical system architects, supporting engineers in design and development of cyber-physical systems, experts in socio-technical systems, experts or functional consultant, project manager in applications such as health, transport, energy and environment.

Courses are taught in English and are structured according to the European Credit Transfer System with 120 credits over four semesters of full-time studies.

Applicants with at least a BSc degree level (180 ECTS) in computer science or equivalent are invited to apply. International students’ applications are very welcome and the selection committee will assess the equivalence for admission to the Master CPS2.