Linked Datatypes - lightweight description for key information

The Linked Datatypes initative aims at enabling lightweight descriptions of useful knowledge on the Web of Data, using simple RDF literals empowered by RDF Datatypes.

The flagship Datatype is cdt:ucum that can be used to describe measurements with any unit defined in The Unified Code for Units of Measure.

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Maxime Lefrançois, Antoine Zimmermann Supporting Arbitrary Custom Datatypes in RDF and SPARQL, In Proc. Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 2016 (long paper - PDF - BibTeX)

Maxime Lefrançois, Antoine Zimmermann Support uniforme de types de données personnalisés dans RDF et SPARQL, Actes de la 17ème conférence Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances, EGC, Grenoble, France, Jan 2017 (short paper - PDF - BibTeX)


This work has been partly funded by the ITEA2 12004 SEAS (Smart Energy Aware Systems) project, the ANR 14-CE24-0029 OpenSensingCity project, and a bilateral research contract with ENGIE R&D.

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