This document describes the implementation of a custom datatype that can be supported on the fly.

See this link for the useful resources for paper "Supporting Arbitrary Custom Datatypes in RDF and SPARQL", published at ESWC'2016 (see paper).

This document is a HTML representation of custom datatypes with URI starting with The following files are accessible:

Datatype Length

Datatype datatype is identified by IRI, abbreviated as cdt1:length. Its lexical space is the concatenation of the lexical form of an xsd:decimal, an optional space, and a unit that can be either a metric length unit, or an imperial length unit, in abbreviated form or as full words, in singular or plural form. The value space correspond to the set of lengths, as defined by the International Systems of Quantities, i.e., any quantity with dimension distance. The lexical-to-value mapping maps lexical forms with units in the metric system to their corresponding length according to the International Systems of Quantities, while the forms with an imperial unit are mapped to their equivalent length according to the International yard and pound agreement.

For example, all literals below are well formed and share the same value.

        "1 mile"^^cdt1:length
        "5280 ft"^^cdt1:length
        "63360 inches"^^cdt1:length
        "1.609344 km"^^cdt1:length
        "1609.344 metre"^^cdt1:length
        "1.609344E+6 mm"^^cdt1:length