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SEAS Ontology

The main SEAS ontology glues together all of the SEAS modules.

To cite the SEAS ontologies:

Maxime Lefrançois, Planned ETSI SAREF Extensions based on the W3C&OGC SOSA/SSN-compatible SEAS Ontology Patterns. In Proceedings of Workshop on Semantic Interoperability and Standardization in the IoT, SIS-IoT, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2017 (PDF - BibTex)

Maxime Lefrançois, Jarmo Kalaoja, Takoua Ghariani, Antoine Zimmermann, The SEAS Knowledge Model, ITEA2 12004 Smart Energy Aware Systems Deliverable 2.2, Jan 2017 (PDF - BibTex)

SEAS ontology modules are organized on top of a core of three main modules:

On top of the seas:SystemOntology module, various vertical domain ontologies are defined for specific sub classes of systems and why they may be connected:

  • the seas:AreaOntology describes Zone systems:
    • a zone may be linked by a crossable connection with another zone;
    • a zone may be a sub-zone of another zone;
    • zones are quantified in terms of area, population, and humidity.
  • more module descriptions to come soon…

We furthermore encourage the use of the following external ontologies: