Class ITER_Call_Select

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    public class ITER_Call_Select
    extends IteratorStreamFunctionBase
    Iterator function iter:call-select takes as input a IRI to a SPARQL-Select document, runs it on the current Dataset, and binds the given variables to the output of the select query, in order.
    • Param 1: (select) is the IRI to a SPARQL-Select document
    • Param 2 to n: are the call parameters corresponding to the SPARQL-Select query signature
    Multiple variables may be bound: variable n is bound to the value of the nth project variable of the select query.
    Maxime Lefrançois
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      static java.lang.String URI  
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      void checkBuild​(ExprList args)
      Partially checks if the iterator function can be executed with the given arguments.
      void exec​(java.util.List<NodeValue> args, java.util.function.Consumer<java.util.List<java.util.List<NodeValue>>> collectionListNodeValue)
      IteratorFunction call to a list of evaluated argument values.
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        public ITER_Call_Select()