Class FileConfigurations

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    public class FileConfigurations
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains the configuration of a SPARQL-Generate execution in a directory or on the website.
    Maxime Lefrançois
    • Field Detail

      • base

        public java.lang.String base
        base URL of the directory. Every file in the directory may be used as a source with a URL that is resolved against this base.
      • output

        public java.lang.String output
        Location of the file where the output is to be stored
      • outputFormat

        public java.lang.String outputFormat
        Format of the output file, e.g. TTL, NT, RDF/XML, etc for GENERATE, or TEXT, XML, CSV, etc for SELECT.
      • hdt

        public boolean hdt
        when true and a GENERATE query, the output is HDT
      • outputAppend

        public boolean outputAppend
        when true, the output is appended to the file
      • logFile

        public java.lang.String logFile
      • loglevel

        public int loglevel
        log level for the query execution, ERROR=1 WARN=2 INFO=3 DEBUG=4 TRACE=5
      • readme

        public java.lang.String readme
        description of the query execution, can contain html markup
      • query

        public java.lang.String query
        the path to the query
      • defaultquery

        public java.lang.String defaultquery
        the content of the query
      • graph

        public java.lang.String graph
        the path to the graph
      • defaultgraph

        public java.lang.String defaultgraph
        the content of the graph
      • stream

        public boolean stream
        If true, the output will be a stream (stream of triples, stream of SELECT results, stream of text)
      • debugTemplate

        public boolean debugTemplate
        when true, TEMPLATE sub-query failures will be included in the output
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileConfigurations

        public FileConfigurations()
        Default constructor with default values: loglevel=5, query=query.rqg, graph=dataset/default.ttl, stream=false, debugTemplate=false, hdt=false, outputAppend=false.
    • Method Detail

      • loadDataset

        public Dataset loadDataset​( dir)